Today’s society dictates that we are constantly moving forward, the pace of life is almost always set to super speed and often, when we blink, we miss more than we expect to. 

A photograph is so much more than a piece of glossy paper; it is a window into the past. It can represent not only a moment, but a memory, a feeling, a mood.


It is so easy to mislay these moments in our memories as life strides on. With my help, they can be celebrated forever. 

Photography is my passion, I adore everything about it and I would love to share it with you. 

When I’m not behind my camera I can be found in the garden playing cricket, in the kitchen making cakes or in the sitting room watching Peppa Pig.

I love skiing, reading and taking long luxurious baths in total peace and quiet. However, since the birth of my children, none of these things have been possible.